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  • beer-dispenserbeer-dispenser

    Beer Dispenser

    Insulated dispensing heads, combined with Stainless steel coolant lines and cold block, maintain chilled beverage temperatures right up to the faucet. Factory balanced restrictors control flow and assure solid beer with every pour for maximum profit potential. Dispensing heads are available in a variety of finishes, with tower designs ranging from traditional to custom creations,…

  • cocktail Dispenserscocktail Dispensers

    Cocktail Dispensers

    Overall Dimensions: Width: 13″ Depth: 24″ Height: 24″ BIB Compartment Dimensions: Width: 5 3/4″ Depth: 18 3/4″ Height: 13 3/4″ This dispenser is also very easy to install! Its small footprint allows the base to fit easily under your bar, while the tap platform slides onto the bartop with no mounting hardware required. Powered by…

  • Combination Ice and Water Dispensers - MachinesCombination Ice and Water Dispensers - Machines

    Combination Ice and Water Dispensers Machine

    Cubelet Ice This dispenser produces up to 282 lb. of “cubelet” ice per day and holds up to 8.8 lb. of the ice in its storage bin. Cubelet ice combines qualities of both flake ice and square cube ice. The small, soft, and easy-to-chew ice is popularly used in bars, hotels, and other food service…

  • Commercial Iced Tea dispenserCommercial Iced Tea dispenser

    Combination Iced Tea Dispensers

    Oval cylinder iced tea dispenser with solid Lid 4-gallon capacity Sump dispense valve assures complete dispensing of tea Has an oval shape, a faucet handle labeled “sweetened” and “unsweetened”, and offset handles for closer side-by-side positioning. For use with BUNN TB3 series iced tea brewers; Dimensions: 19″H x 10.7″W x 13.7″ D;

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