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Electric Salamander is a heat source that heats the surface, mainly from the upper side of the inside of the furnace body to the bottom, and the heating tube generates enough heat through electricity to grill things. The movable top of the sal grill has a precise height adjustment system that can bring the correct heat to the plate without any effort! The surface stove is generous in appearance, reasonable in structure, simple in operation, and convenient to clean.

1. Selected high-quality stainless steel material, corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, high strength, good toughness

2. The design is simple, elegant, and beautiful, the original painting is flat and easy to clean

3. Large space, layered design, the height of the space can be set according to the different volume of the food, which is convenient for cooking food

4. High-efficiency electric heating tube, energy-saving, high-efficiency, safe and convenient

5. Removal crumb tray for easy cleaning and comes with chrome plated toast rack.

6. Available in 450 and 600mm and choice of 2.8kw and 4kw.