Spiral Mixer

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AUTOMATIC control panel.
Material: ss 304
The bowl and mixing hook is made of food-grade stainless steel.
Double motion and double speed, fast and slow for your option.
One timer, adjustable time 0-30 minutes.
The cover is made of one-off stretch-forming metal, beautiful and durable.
A good quality motor, more powerful, low noise.
A timer is optional.
Belt transmission is more powerful.
Power Dual motor Design.
Auto Power Off, Safe Operation.
Forward And Reverse Rotation Direction.
Providing The Best mixing Effect.
Increase work efficiency.
bowl safety transparent guard.
Independent motors for bowl and spiral.
Stainless steel arm, bowl, and dividing plate.
Compact finish.
Easy handling.
High-performance outputs.
A new design of gearless transmission structure, smooth operation with low noise.